Key features
Easily create financial reports
based on selected criteria
Design a report view for a given scenario,
cost centre or business unit.
Save your report views for faster access in the future.
Open and refresh several reports at the same time
using Internet Explorer-style tabs.

Simple financial control
Quickly compare your current plan containing latest historical data (actual figures) with a saved "benchmark" plan (e.g. yearly budget).
Use a predefined column layout or a color-coded dashboard-style report.
Financial control can be done on an account level or a financial statement item level.


Controlling Dashboard
Assess financial performance of your organization at a glance using color coding of planning variances.
You can define threshold values separately for each financial statement line item and assign them to colors.
Help with cash flow management
Special cash accounts make it easier to manage cashflows and model capital requirement.
Create detailed cash flow statements using a direct method, recommended by IFRS.

Powerful Template Editor
Design financial reports with a layout tailored specifically to the needs of your organization.
Up to 9 levels of aggregation are supported. Each aggregation level has a predefined line colour which can be adjusted as required by the user.
Each reporting line can be customised to show figures as positive or negative as required for presentation purposes or by accounting principles.
Automatic synchronization with Microsoft Excel spreadsheets
Use your favourite Excel spreadsheets to define assumptions for your financial plan and let BizController find, process and consolidate the data to be used in reporting.
Other people at your organization can edit the data and your reports will be updated automatically with new information.

Data "drilling" feature
Double-click a line on the report (on lowest level) to learn which transactions the balance is composed of.
Use of the double-entry rule ensures a logically correct approach to forecasting and provides a clear link between individual assumptions and the line figures on your financial statements.
Publish to Excel with a single click
With one-click publishing to Excel, your reports show up in a spreadsheet, ready for presentation, printing or further processing .
Published reports preserve formatting, colours and line grouping.
Import your actuals from an Excel spreadsheet or a text file
Most accounting software can export historical balances to Microsoft Excel or a text file. Use the Import Wizard to get such a file into BizController.
You can adjust the headers or delimiters as required.

Easily sketch up a new assumption template

Quickly add all the accounts and cost centres you require to define a new transaction set. BizController will prepare a template for you in Excel automatically.


Two modes of operation: Full and Simplified 

BizController features a special mode for consultancies and one-off projects which do not require a detailed software configuration and permit planning directly on financial statement item level. 

Just uncheck "Use Accounts" and the chart of accounts will be created for you based on report templates that you create

Intelligent data tagging 

You can add and delete rows without worrying that your assumption worksheets will 'unlink' or otherwise fail to sync with the software. 

Your data is secure 

This is a traditional-style software which appreciates the importance of securing your financial information. BizController works on your data locally and nothing is sent or processed in a cloud. BizController may only check for software updates or licence status on the Internet. 

Installation of the software is easy on the user's machine with minimum integration costs and a steep learning curve.