Get the latest version
of the software

Run the setup.exe file when prompted. Follow the online instructions to install the software. The installation is intuitive and in most cases administrative priviledges are not needed.  


Get report templates

Use sample templates for standard financial reports and adjust them to your needs as required.

Download the selected file to your computer and use the Import/Export wizard to load the template into the software.



Get sample financial plans 
A simple numerical example showing how to formulate assumptions for financial plans in a number of related spreadsheets and how the program needs to be configured. Get to know the software, its functions and the logic behind. 

Download the selected file (.zip, see below) to your computer. The file is a compressed folder with BizController database files as well as Excel files containing underlying assumptions for the plan. 

Make sure all the files remain in the same folder on your computer, then open the database from within the software.
  • Version: beta
  • Windows XP/Vista/7/8
  • Languages: English, Polish
  • online installer