you buy
You can try the software and see if it meets your requirements without any further obligations or costs. With the free trial licence you will be able to use the software for 30 days.
To obtain the trial version of the software:
1. Send a request to
You will need to provide at least the following information in your correspondence:
  • Your company name
  • Your EU VAT id number
(All licences, including free trial licences, are issued to specific legal entities and for this reason we ask you to provide your company details to us.)
2. Download and install the software
On the download page click on the Download Now link and run the setup.exe file when prompted. Follow the online instructions to install the software. The installation is intuitive and in most cases administrative rights are not needed.
You will receive an email in response to your registration including a key and other information. Please copy-paste or rewrite the registration information from the email to the registation screen in the software. The supplied key will not work unless both your company name and the key provided exactly match those that appear in the email from us.
3. Visit the Support page for templates and examples
You can import the sample report templates into BizController and adjust them as needed to get started faster. You can also open a sample financial plan to learn how the software operates.
4. Contact us at the end of the trial period if you would like to purchase the software
Contact us for quotation and further info if you wish to continue to use BizController.
The paid licences give right to use the software indefinitely by the entity that the key was issued for.
Together with the licence, your company will receive a copy of the software on a CD as well as all updates and upgrades to the same main version number of the software for a period of one year from the date of purchase.
     Current version: 2.1
     Supported OS:   
     Windows XP,
     Windows Vista