How is BizController
different from a spreadsheet?
While spreadsheets still remain an irreplaceable tool for nearly all kinds of financial modelling, there are areas where they barely do the job. For example, organizations often need to prepare their budgets on departamental or business unit level and to allow for different scenarios for them. In such cases, collating, consolidating and updating information in Excel along several dimensions may become extremely difficult to achieve, if not totally impracticable.
This is where BizController steps in. It does not replace Excel, but drawing on its flexibility, it integrates with the budget forms and/or IFRS models you organization is already using and provides an additional processing and reporting layer. In this way, managing the planning cycle of your company will be faster, better documented and less error prone.
For the financial forecasts to be reliable, they certainly need to be based on the same accounting principles as your organization applies to historical financial reporting. Often this is not the case for plans created in Excel as it is difficult for analysts to apply the double-entry rule (and model double economic effect) consistently in a spreadsheet. BizController operates like a typical accounting software assuring logical integrity of all prospective information.

A perfect solution for companies that do not already have large-scale ERP systems but still need a cost-effective tool to support their financial planning processes.
Strategic Management

Support you strategic decisions with reliable financial information
Quickly create prospective financial statements for various strategic options

Easily create development scenarios
See the impact of several development scenarios on the position and performance of your organisation

Facilitate investement project appraisal
Analyse how your new projects are likely to impact your financial statements
A good choice for organizations with uneven cashflows or working around projects.
Business Planning and Control

Control the performance of your organisation
Work with several versions of your plans/budgets and save them for future use in the controlling process and variance reports. You can use adjusted versions for differing management purposes, e.g. EVA or VBM accounting.

Maintain rolling budgets
BizController makes it easier to update your rolling budgets and lets you monitor performance against fixed budgets at the same time. 

Integrate financial information from several sources for use in your plans.
You can use Microsoft Excel to create forms for other stakeholders to fill in and then use these forms as an assumptions layer in BizController.  
A covenient tool for consultancies advising their clients on a broad range of accounting issues.
Financial Management

Manage your cash flows more easily
BizController features special cash accounts that make it easier to plan and control your cashflows and capital requirement. 

Consolidate your
financial reports
BizController may be useful in the process of consolidating any type of financial reports 

Use BizController as a base for further calculations
Facilitate creation of any analyses based on prospective financial information such as investment project appraisal, impairment tests or value based management